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September 2003

Interview mit Wayne Hussey

Promo 2003 by C. Cocina

Interview with Wayne Hussey - 22. September 2003
By Petra Sümnicht

Pic: Promo by Cinthya

Pilgrimage 2003

Q: How`s life in Brasil Wayne?

A: Fine, thank you for asking. Not as warm as you may think, though.

Q: You played so many gigs since the beginning of 2002. Isn`t it difficult to calm down after touring?

A: I don't really 'calm down' when I come off tour because there is always so much other business to catch up on that I've neglected whilst I was away. Actually, going on tour is the time that I get MORE rest, believe it or not.

Q: Your "Pilgrimage Tour" is going to start in a few weeks. But there is some confusion among the fans about the 3 sets. On your website it`s promoted for London, but on some of the German tickets it`s also written like "The Mission with special guest Wayne Hussey and The Mission unplugged" and on some not. Furthermore it`s published on some venue websites and back in 2002 in Koblenz you told us about "several special gigs next year". Could you please enlighten us about your plans?

A: There is no plan as to when and where these 3 set shows will take place, except for London. There will be nights we play the 3 sets but it will more than likely be a spontaneous decision made on the day of the show.
Well, I know a lot of people wrote the Mission off after the events of last year (2002), myself included to a degree, so I wanted to do some shows, even though we don't have a new album to promote (yet), just to confirm, as much to myself as anything, that there is life left in the old dog after all. I think the 3 set show idea is pretty unusual and fairly special. And I want to film and record it for posterity.

Q: Why it`s not going to happen at each gig? Is it because of too much rehearsals for the band or because you had to sing for more than three hours a night or what`s the reason? I`m sure the people would love it and you could attract a lot more people.

A: Well, you've answered your own question really. We WILL be playing the 3 sets at random venues, when the mood takes us, and when the energy levels are right. One thing that doing the solo shows has made me realize is that I much prefer it when the shows are spontaneous and when we don't stick to the same set or routine every night.

Q: Are there any warm-up gigs?

A: None planned.

Q: Can we expect to hear some new songs?

A: I should hope so. I have written many tunes, but not so many lyrics as is usually the case, and if, during the course of rehearsals we try a couple of new songs and they work well enough to play live then we will play them. The problem with most of the new songs is that they are not typical and may sit a little uneasily with the rest of the set, but we will see.

Q: Speaking about new songs: What about your plans for a new album this year? Do you making progress and what`s the latest news? Did you write some songs already or even recorded?

A: As I said in the previous question, I have a surplus of tunes, always do, but not enough lyrics....yet....The new Mission album won't be ready until some time later next year, 2004. I haven't recorded anything fully yet, I've been too busy trying to sort out my domestic situation and looking for somewhere to live and when I do I will put my studio back together and record the album. There will also be a solo album at some point too, more acoustic, more like the solo shows, a self indulgence on my part I guess, but at the moment the priority is the next Mission album.

Q: A lot of fans are looking forward to the DVD. Can we expect it this year?

A: I am too. I'm excited by the project, it's a new medium for me, and I'm excited to be working in 5.1 surround sound for the first time. And we have plans to include lots of extra's, some hidden stuff etc., and I'm writing and recording all the incidental music myself specifically for the DVD. But no. It won't be ready for release until April 2004 at the earliest.

Q: Please tell us a bit about your cooperation with Votiva Lux. Is it more like a project or maybe a kind of future replacement for The Mission?

A: No, it is not going to replace The Mission. If The Mission continues or ends it will be of it's own accord. It will be nothing to do with the 'Votiva' project. And yes, it's a project. We do plan to play a few shows though when the album comes out. I am really enjoying it, and enjoying the experience of 'just' being the singer, and concentrating on the vocals and lyrics and having very little input in the music. If you are familiar with their album 'Solaris' then you will know that they are very capable of sonic beauty with a guitar and that is a virtue and a quality that I really didn't want to interfere or tamper with. The approach to lyric writing for this project is very different for me too. It's more 'throw away', stream of consciousness type of writing, but I guess I will have to temper that with some kind of discipline at some point. They have just been in the studio in Italy and recorded 3 of the backing tracks so the project is now on the move. I'm really looking forward to hearing the results. Votiva Lux will also be the special guests to The Mission at our upcoming shows in Winterthur and Lahr.

Q: Back in 1986 we were on a "CRUSADE", now in 2003 we are on a "PILGRIMAGE", what`s next?

A: Well, if we wait just 2 1/2 years, we can do a 20 year anniversary reunion tour......Scary thought.......Can't see that happening myself.........but we could call it the 'Porcelain Anniversary' tour.....
Actually, it is a question that I am asked a lot, whether I would get the original line up back together to play some shows, and I have to confess that I am not averse to the idea. But I would want the current line up of The Mission to support, just so people can see what the differences are......Whilst the original line up did admittedly have a supreme swagger (and stagger), and we were a very good looking band (for the 80's anyway), and we played some absolutely blinding shows as well as some God damn awful shows, it would be an interesting experiment to compare the two beasts next to each other and to conjecture how the original line-up may have developed had we managed to keep it together for this long.......mmmmmm.......I think people may be surprised at the results and realize just how nostalgia can cloud their judgment.......

Q: Is there something else you would like to say?

A: No, I've already said too much......

Thanks very much Wayne and good luck for the tour !

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