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Juli 2004

Interview mit Steve Spring

Mera Luna 2004, Pic: Petra

Q & A with Steve Spring - July 2004
The Mission drummer since October 2003

by Petra Sümnicht & Tanja Godisch

Q: Since the Pilgrimage 2003 tour you´re playing drums for The Mission, who offered you the job?

A: I had a phone call from Rob, who I'd not heard from since playing with him in Curve, and he asked me if I would be available to do the tour. I juggled a few things, and I was there a couple of days later.

Q: Did you know anything about them before you joined the band?

A: Yes - I've always been aware of The Mission but didn't know what they were upto currently.

Q: Was it easy to find your place in the band?

A: Yes - I just walked into the room and sat down behind the drum kit!

Q: When did you become a professional musican? Do you have another occupation?

A: I've had a drum kit since I was 3 years old and turned professional when I was 18. Yes - I have other occupations (set building conference exhibitions).

Q: Do you play other instruments as well?

A: Ish!!! Bit of bass, bit of guitar, a few keyboards (I have my own recording studio)...but no singing!

Q: Did you take lessons to learn them?

A: No - totally self taught.

Q: You played with bands like Curve, in which other bands did you play before?

A: I spent a couple of years living in France working with artists such as Guesch Patti, Murray Head, and then in England doing sessions at Abbey Road for producers such as Dave Bascombe. I lived in Switzerland for 2 years working for Karls Kuhne Gassenschau (a Theatre Company based in Zurich).

Q: How did you learn the songs? By notes, listening to the CDs or...?

A: By rehearsing with the band, listening to CDs and making notes of the arrangements. (I learned 18 songs in 6 days for the Mission!!!)

Q: Do you have a favourite Mission song - and why do you like it?

A: There's loads of good Mission songs, but 2 of my favourites are "Slave to Lust" and "Beyond the Pale" and more recently, from the last tour, "Hymn for America". The reason why I like these songs is that they have great grooves and great riffs.

Q: Any song(s) you hated to play?

A: Yeah - but I can't tell you in case Wayne finds out!!!! :o) (Only joking!!)

Q: How was the tour life with The Mission anyway? Any personal highlights?

A: It was a good tour - great crew and great people met along the way.

Q: What's the good thing about touring in general?

A: To get away from the missus - no really, I love her to pieces. I love travelling and seeing new places and the biggie is that I LOVE playing music.

Q: Is it easy to calm down after a tour and get back in a sort of normal life?

A: Not really - it takes a couple of weeks to slow down and get back to normality.

Q: Your most embarrassing moment on stage with The Mission or any other band?

A: I can't think of any - however, I'm sure there will be others who can! Answers on a postcard please!!!

Q: What makes a good The Mission concert for you? The sound, the reaction of the audience, your own personal mood or what else?

A: Everything, but especially the sound on stage and the audience participation. It's a great sense of satisfaction when the audience continue a song without the band.

Q: Do you know a feeling like stage fright??

A: No! I know many who have, but I don't get stage fright - I'm lucky. Maybe it's all the drums and cymbals that I can hide behind.

Q: Is there a song that should be covered by the Mission?

A: Not personally for me - I like to play original music.

Q: What kind of music do you hear?

A: Pretty much most things - except 'some cunt from Preston!' (Country and Western) Mudvayne - Nightbreed - Killing Joke - Urban Dance Squad - Bone Patrol(:o))- Frank Zappa - Miles Davis - John Coltrane - Bill Evans - Keane - Peter Gabriel.... we could be here all day!!!!

Q: Your favourite band at the moment?

A: Keane

Q: Last CD you purchased?

A: Keane!!! (PS - this will all change tomorrow!)

Q: Last concert you saw?

A: Blur - Brixton Accademy.

Q: Last book you read?

A: Theory of Catering by Ceserani and Kinton

Q: Last movie you saw?

A: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory - with my 5 year old daughter.

Q: Last time you were drunk?

A: Az im ritin thizzzz!

Q: Three things for a desert island?

A: My drum kit, a well stocked kitchen and ingredients plus wine cellar, and a helicopter... please!

Q: Your most precious property?

A: My drums and my studio. I would include my family in this but they are not property.

Q: What makes you mad?

A: How long have you got......?!!
People who don't use their brains.
People who don't have consideration for others.
People who've got loads of money but say they're skint. Restaurants that serve up substandard food and offer really bad service.

Q: How important is the internet for you?

A: Obviously very important, otherwise I couldn't have done this interview!

Q: What would you like to see happen in 2004?

A: To see a new Mission album out.
For my bank account to turn into a bottomless pit of money!

Q: Anything left you would like to say?

A: Just that it's been a pleasure working with all the guys in the Mission, and hope that it carries on well into the future.

Thanks very much Steve and good luck with your bank account :-)

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