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Juni 2004

Interview mit Wayne Hussey

Q & A with Wayne Hussey - June 2004
By Petra Sümnicht

Wayne beim Rockpalast Gig in Köln am 13.04.2004

Q: How`s life at the moment? Hope your hand is recovering fine?

A: Life is good, thank you for asking. I'm at home in Brazil, trying to get my new studio finished being built and ready to start work. I have some very pressing deadlines looming. And my hand is recovering fine. We think that it is permanently damaged (I left it too long before it was put in plaster) and it does still get a little uncomfortable but I do have full use of it again which is obviously a relief. I just have to be careful who I shake hands with.

Q: Did you start to record your vocals for "Vessel" already - your cooperation with the Italien band Votiva Lux - or are you basically working on a new Mission album?

A: At the moment, neither and both. As I said before, I am still waiting for my studio to be built but in the meantime I am listening to the 'Vessel' tracks and gathering idea's for lyrics & melody's, and at the same time coming up with idea's for the new Mission album. Actually, what has taken precendence since the last tour finished has been to watch all the shows that were filmed and listen to the multitracks of every show that was recorded in preparation for the editing and mixing of the Mission DVD.

Q: The short UK tour in August has now been titled "Absolution". Could it be a hint concerning the album and/or DVD title or what`s the association?

A: No. I just needed a title for the shows and 'Absolution' worked for me....

Q: Are there any news about a Wayne Hussey solo album?

A: No, not really. I feel totally in limbo until my studio is finished. It will happen when it happens.....too much other stuff to do right now.

Q: Will you ever play "dance on glass" live? Back in 2002 you promised us to consider it...come`s not that difficult ;-)

A: There's a lot of words in that song. I have trouble remembering words, as you well know.......But never say never......

Yeah right, hahaha, we`ll wait and see...but thanks for the interview anyway!

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