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April 2007

Interview mit Steve Spring

Q & A with Steve Spring - April 2007
By Petra Sümnicht

Pic: Promo 2007

The Album

God Is A Bullet

Q.) There are only a few days left until the release of the new Mission album GIAB, how do you feel these days?

A.) I'm Feeling really good!Looking forward to touring giab and meeting some of the friends Ive met on tour over the years and maybe making some new ones.

Q.) How would you describe the style of the album to someone who never heard of The Mission before?

A.) Thats always a tough one. Let me see... Strong strident songs with excellent riffs and haunting memorable melodies. Hows that........Ha...Ha....

Q.) You really seem to be a good team in the band now. What strengths did you draw from each other while you were together with the band in the studio in Bath?

A.) It was a great collective recording experience. We were all very supportive to eachother. Making suggestions regarding individual performances. If only all albums were as easy make....Very positive!

Q.) What were the high and low points of recording this new album for you? Wayne told us already about the nightmare of the hard drive crash, anything else for you personally?

A.) The high points were knowing you're making a great album with great musicians.. The low point was the harddrive going down....I remember feeling sick. We had been recording for about a week. Some great performances from everyone, then one morning!!!! etc..etc

Q.) Have you been surprised as you heard Wayne`s lyrics for the first time?

A.) A little bit surprised...Ha...Ha... :-) I'm not going to tell you which ones though. You will have to go and buy the cd to find out for yourself....

Q.) Julianne from AAE did some backing vocals for several tracks. There are also male backing vocals on the album, were you involved?

A.) Oh No! That's why i play drums......You dont want to hear me sing... Really you dont...strangled cats comes to mind... :-0

Q.) Listening to all this new material now, are there any feelings of "I wish I had played that differently" for any of the tracks?

A.) No.! i'm very pleased with the work i've produced on giab.. I like to think they are very exciting drum parts which help to Motor the songs along.

Q.) You and Rich did a lot of sessions together to work on some song ideas. So could you bring in your own ideas for the new album?

A.) Yes. it was a very open situation regarding which songs went on the album. We were all sending demos of our songs to eachother over the internet. And at the end of the day,the best songs got onto GIAB.

Q.) As far as I can remember you`re a football fan as well, so what do you think about Wayne`s FC Liverpool song Draped In Red?

A.) I could'nt possibly comment being an Arsenal supporter... :-)

Q.) What are your personal favourites on the album and on the EP?

A.) My personal favorites on GIAB are:
1/ to love and to kill
2/ Blush
3/ Headshrinka

Q.) How would you describe your style of playing drums compared to Mick and Scotty? And have you changed your style for the album?

A.) I dont really like compairing myself to other Drummers. So i tend not to... Mick and Scott brought their own styles to the mission and thats all i'm trying to do really. I like to think i have a very energetic style which brings a new energy to the mission and keeps things exciting.

Q.) Your best drum part on the album is on…

A.) A bit of a tough one that..........I think "to love and to kill" is my favorite drum part....Although Blush is good aswell..


Tour Is A Bullet 2007

Q.) This is going to be your 5th tour with The Mission. Are you rehearsing the songs already or do you know them all inside out – at least the old ones?

A.) At the moment i'm putting in about 2hrs, 3 times a week to rehearsing the new stuff.... Its going very well..! With regards to the old songs... It'a a bit like riding a bike... Once you have learnt it , you dont really forget it..

Q.) Are there any of the old songs you would love to play live?

A.) There are some old favorites i love to play. These are:
1/ Serpants kiss
2/ Beyond the pale and the mighty....
3/ Deliverance

Q.) The last two gigs of the tour are going to be in Israel. Have you ever been there?

A.) No . I have never been to Israel before... Im Looking forward to it. I like to visit new places....

Q.) We all know Rich`s addiction to extravagant trousers, so what about you? Have you already thought about your styling for the tour? ;-)

A.) I've got a nice all in one pink cat suit i'm considering for the tour....ONLY JOKING....I'm a bit limited really... It gets so hot on stage for me that its t-shirts and shorts.....

Steve mit Ginger & The Sonic Circus

Q.) As far as I know you played with Ginger & The Sonic Circus back in 2006. Are there any other musical projects besides The Mission?

A.) I've got a little combo type thing called "The Wine Bar Kings" We go round all the local wine bars and restaurants in my home town an have a great deal of fun playing to the locals.......We are also available for Weddings, Funerals, Partys.....etc.....etc..... :-)

Q.) Do you have any special wishes for the tour?

A.) Just a couple.... For the tour to be a great success and for the new songs to be well recieved....

A special thanks to you Steve! I know that doing Q & A`s is not one of your biggest hobbies :-)

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